Tips and Instructions

Simple Step by Step

Tracking Core Returns
  • Main Modules
  • Inventory Control
  • Core Returns
  • Insert to add core, Change to modify record
  • Enter Core Part Number
  • Enter VendItemNum (part number)
  • Enter Core Unit Number
  • Enter Core Serial Number
  • Enter Core Description
  • Enter Group and Mfg
  • Enter Quantity Returned for Credit
  • Enter Unit Value, tab
  • Click button to the right of the SO Num field and select the Sales/Shop Work Order
  • Customer Number, Customer Name, and A/R Invoice Number will automatically be retrieved
  • Click Select Vendor Credit Invoice button
  • Select Vendor Credit Invoice by using the InvTot tab. Negative (Credit) invoices will appear at the top of the screen.
  • Exit
  • Vendor Credit information will be automatically retrieved, with the exception of the AP Check Number.

Note: Most of the fields are optional, but will assist in determining whether or not cores have been returned and if credit has been received from the vendors. The last column and tab on the Core Return browse screen will show the calculated difference between the credit issued to the customer and the amount of credit received from the vendor.