Tips and Instructions

Simple Step by Step

Receive IBS/ARI Payments
  • Main Modules
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Receive Payments to IBS/ARI Invoices
  • Scroll the records, highlight and click Mark to Pay
  • Highlight and click Unmark to Pay if necessary
  • Enter Payment Date
  • Enter Check Number
  • Click Apply Payment
  • Click to Exit

NOTES: Two Payment Received records will be created for each invoice paid. One for the amount received and one for 3%, the discounted amount.

          Only invoices with both IBS/ARI Acct and IBS/ARI App Code fields on the Invoice will appear in this screen. Use the following procedure:

                    1. In the SysMgr enter 'Y' in the Use IBS/ARI Option (Y/N) field on the A/R SO Tab.

                    2. Enter the IBS/ARI Account Number in each Customer's setup on the User Fields Tab.

                    3. At the creation of the new invoice, make sure both fields are populated.