Tips and Instructions

Simple Step by Step

Network Access

This procedure may be used to create an icon on the Desktop of a WinXP Pro workstation, and link it to a server with DieselPro installed. While other operating systems may vary somewhat, the process is much the same.


  • Right click on desktop
  • Select New/Shortcut/Browse/My Network Places
  • Select the server with DieselPro installed
  • Navigate and select the drive containing DieselPro, normally C:
  • Locate and select the default folder: AcctPro
  • Locate and click on DPRO.EXE (DieselPro executable)
  • OK/Next/Finish
  • Right click on newly created icon
  • Select Properties
  • Edit the Start in field to be the same as the Target WITHOUT DPro.exe

NOTE: You may simply Copy the contents from the Target field and Paste into the Start in field, then remove DPRO.EXE from the end of the line in the Start in field.

          DieselPro is a shared relational database program. The same procedure should be followed on all workstations that need access to DieselPro. Your network hardware and operating system are responsible for the newtork connectivity, file and record locking, and authorized network access.