Tips and Instructions

Simple Step by Step

Follow this procedure to receive customer payments
  • Main Modules
  • Accounts Receivable
  • #3 Receive Payment/Process Credit Invoice
  • Select Cust
  • Highlight Customer
  • Select
  • Enter Pay Date, tab
  • Enter Deposit Number, tab
  • Enter Check Number, tab
  • Enter Reference, tab
  • Enter Check/Cash Amount, tab
  • Change Payment Type, if necessary
  • Click Apply Payment
  • Pay Balance Due, Yes
  • Exit

NOTES: Most fields are optional. Pay Type drop-down is a user-defined field. If the balance to pay is less than the invoice balance due, choose to pay the check balance. If there is an over-payment, whereby the check balance is greater than zero, with no invoices to apply, click Create Credit Invoice. This feature may also be used to create a customer credit invoices without paying any invoices.